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Not every individual's requirement is the same. We cater to individual tailor-made packages for optimum use. Systems from 300W generating power of 2.4Kw per day to systems of 1MW Generating upto 12MW per day. On grid or off Grid, Rural setting or Urban. Monopole, Guy-wires or Trellis take your pick


Not Every site offers standard wind conditions for installation of standard Wind turbines. Low wind conditions determine a special type of wind turbine to exploit the conditions with VAWT  and HWT, WPC can ascertain and match the turbine with prevalent wind condition.

 High density wind conditions and cyclonic prone areas do need special care and our expertise in the said field makes that popular.

 Which Tower is suitable for which areas, Which Turbine and rotor suits which area. and hopw much of eectricity is to be drawn and stored to match the battery abnk and the .. the many queries that exist are answered and resolved even before the first bolt is placed to erect the turbine by stimulated conditions in our digital laboratories.





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