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 Service we can lend our expertise to 

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We can offer you the following services:

          Selection of the best possible site
          Purchase and erect required number of met masts to collect wind data for minimum of 1 full year
          Store wind data daily
          Release reports
          Release pre feasibility study
          Study all available WTG (wind turbine generators) power curve and advise best option for given data
          Negotiate PPA (power purchase agreement) with authorities or distribution companies
          Book and pay connection point
          Negotiate WTG purchase and delivery terms
          Apply for  production and connection authorizations
          Perform Environmental assessment
          Prepare and release tenders
          Select best bids
          Supervise delivery of WTG
          Supervise erection and commissioning 

Should financing be needed, we can assist raising the needed funds under certain conditions.

Solar Energy
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