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If you are not Grid connected then what would you do for your Electrical Energy Security is something that our government has failed to provide apart from the many things that Governments should provide. A Solar System of this configuration becomes cost prohibitive. The solution lies in a Solar & Wind Turbine System.

 Most Home on an average consume an average of 5Kw to 45Kw per day per home. Load shedding from 3 hours to 22 hours means reluctance of people to move to area that suffer outages. We can provide for a system that will provide the power during these hours . Provision of this Electrical security is cost effective. and there are fiscal incentives that subsidise the cost 

 Our experts are at hand to estimate the need, design the system and provide the solution. Procurement of Governmental incentives and other financial aid those subsidies the cost with available subsidies and also procurement of Foreign Aid in deserving cases are the many areas that we support.

 There are financial subsides given by the Central Government through the Ministry of Renewable energy Sources and through the State government through its Nodal agencies.. 

 The Interaction with the State government Nodal Agencies or Energy Development Agencies and its cooperation is the area we assist 

 A call or mail to us can set the process



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